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10 mars 2013

Dear, it's been so long!

Let's get straight to the point: I haven't had time to update this blog for a looong time, and I'm not planning on doing it ever again. A 2 year old daughter doesn't mix well wit extra time to update a blog I'm afraid! :)

But a few weeks ago I opened a Friends in the Leaves Facebook page because after almost two years without sewing any toys I started again:

and a few minutes ago, I opened an Etsy shop to seel them! I'm very excited and scared!

I won't delete this blog as I still go back to it sometimes, for references. For the few of you who wander here (by mistake!?!), I hope to meet you again on Facebook or Etsy.


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21 mars 2011

Prolonged silence...

Two weeks ago, I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl called Emma. The labour was long, painful and I ended up having a cesarean. Consequently, I won't be doing any sewing for some time; partly because I don't have the time, partly because the time I have I want to spend it gazing at her and partly because I physically can't do much!

But I'll keep you posted and will try to come back as soon as possible! 'Cause I still miss sewing!



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01 décembre 2010

Some skirts!

Here are a few skirts I made for the markets. There's two more to come!





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22 novembre 2010

Bubble Top 'Griotte'

And a new one! No one can stop me!!!

Click on the picture to zoom in!


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21 novembre 2010

Bubble Top 'Flowers at dawn'

I made it today, much faster than I had expected! No complaining! :)

As usual, click on the picture to see it bigger.


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